Working News

Working News, Spring '06 Pointing Results, HPR Training Classes

Successful Vizslak
Our congratulations go to all those who have had a successful year with their Vizslas and encouragement to all others to keep on trying.

Several Vizslas had Field Trial awards for the first time this season so well done to the following partnerships.

Nigel Dear & Aldom Red Grouse
Penny Simpson & Fiscardos Pallas Athena
Shirley Mattravers & Hunterstone Coral Cloud
Sarah Jane Rutherford & Roytan Slipstream
Martyn Elliot & Hookside Albi

Spring Pointing Gradings were had by the following partnerships.

Jennifer Hurley & Dallandor Vanquish
Roz Dear & Dallandor Victualler
John Naylor & Russetmantle Fisher
Keith Scattergood & Tjader Seashell
Nigel Dear & Aldom Red Grouse
Karen Maurice & Hookside Becses

Vizslas have been featuring more and more in the awards at Working Tests this year and the following have all featured in the awards. I have only put their highest placing for the year but many have had multiple awards and a very successful season.

Special Beginners
Nick Birks & Alfizbet Rosie of the River 4th

Russetmantle Admiral of Arunszvar  3rd ( Aged 13 !!)

Simon Scot & Gunfield Foxy 1st
Trevor White & Russetmantle Idaho At Arunszvar 1st
K Barker & Hookside Duna 1st
Alyson Ruggles & Cragiebyre Island Sun  3rd
Larry Wilks & Mordax Medoc by Arany
Richard Chellumbrun & Danllwyth Sundance 2nd

Elizabeth Upton &   Temeraire Topflight 3rd    
Sue Novis & Lutra Easy Dollar at Novapac 1st
Rob Irvine & Gunfield Evita  4th
Jennifer Hurley & Dallandor Vanquish 2nd
Simon Scott & Gunfield Foxy 1st
Rachel Herbert & Dallandor Gyorgy 1st
Alyson Ruggles & Craigiebyre Monique
Peter Brooks & Shannigh Smart Alec of Whisperbrook 4th 

Ernie Benbow & Szatmari Dale 4th

Nigel Dear & Aldom Red Grouse 1st
Rachel Herbert & Dallandor Gyorgy 2nd

If I have omitted anyone PLEASE don’t shoot the editor! I try to keep up to date with all the working results but unless someone lets me know of their success I may not know about it.


Working News

HVS Novice 11.10.06
Russetmantle Lee owned by Gay Gottlieb and handled by John Naylor were awarded 2nd and later awarded a COM at the Dukeries Novice later that month

GSPA Novice 28.10.06
Won by Nigel Dear and Jack (Aldom Red Grouse).. Well done that man!

Launton Novice 11.11.06
Jennifer Hurley and Harry (Dallandor Vanquish) were awarded a COM, the only award given that day...

HVC Novice, Ammerdown 21.11.06
At her first ever trial Simon Scott's Gunfield Foxi was awarded a 3rd.

HVC Chiddingfold 21.10.06
Sue Harris and Szajani Komica were awarded a 4th.

HVS Novice launton 11.12.06
Simon Scott and Gunfield Foxi were 1st and Sarajane Rutherford and Royton Slipstream were 2nd.

GSPA All Aged 18.12.06 
K. Gillan's Calton Foxcub on Harris were awarded a COM.


On the 16 January 2007 both Vinnie and Millie were awarded their show gundog working certificates!


HVS Novice Field Trial 24.1.07
Vinnie was awarded 2nd place, the only dog to be placed that day. This was only Vinnie's second field trial,
and the first where Rachel has handled him.


Spring '06 Pointing Results

Colby - Russetmantle Lee and Aldom Red Grouse both graded Good
Risepark - Tjader Seashell (Keith Scattergood) : Good
Blenheim - Dallandor Vanquish (Jennifer Hurley) : Good
Stoke Lynne - Dallandor Vanquish (Jennifer Hurley) : Good ; Hookside Becses (Karen Maurice) : Very Good
Bainton -
Dallandor Vanquish (Jennifer Hurley) : Good

Dallandor Victualler and Ros Dear were Graded Good at their first Spring Pointing...Well Done both!

HPR Training Classes

Kent/Sussex weekly training for HPR's
on Ashdown Forest. Classes for puppies and older dogs restart in February.
Contact Suzi Burton.01892 861922.or

Kimberley Gundogs will be running small 2 or 3 day courses for up to 5 dogs.
These courses are all inclusive, e.g. b / b with dinner.

The Bristol and West working gundog society
C.Carpenter 01373 462963.(Wiltshire)

Surrey Hants. G.S.P.C.
P.Jenkins 01590 643262

Weimaraner Association (Staffs.)

Surrey / Sussex.
M.Booker. 01293 871373.

Chelmsford, Essex.
D Pilkington 01708 371860.

Coventry & District . HPR training in Coventry
Start April 6th. Classes for all levels on Thursday nights,£20. for 8 lessons.
Contact Penny Simpson 02476 502450 m. 07808 122706.

Hungarian Viszla club.
25th June,9th July,23rd July
For puppy/young dogs. Preference to Vizslas
contact: P.Simpson. 02476 502450. m.07808 122706.


Last season saw several successes in the field for Dallandor dogs.

Our own Rosie had a COM in a novice trial while Lyn Vede's Dallandor Gambit and Gordon Weir's Dallandor Intrepid (both GSP) had a super season, both winning all aged stakes amongst other awards. In working tests both Rosie and Vinnie had awards, including a 3rd in open for Rosie and a 2nd in his first novice for Vinnie. Rosie was awarded the annual HVS cup for working, and Vinnie won the HVS cup for highest placed vizsla at their working test ( this was won by his mother the year before!!) Garvey was awarded a 3rd in a graduate ( his first test for a few years since winning a novice ). Gary Lees homebred Eelyrags dogs ( dam .. Dallandor Heaven Scent) have been consistently placed in the top 3. Lee Loveridge's Eelyrags Poplar has had a COM at a field trial and has been consistently placed in working tests.

At his first ever test Roz Dear's Dallandor Victualler (Merlin) was awarded 3rd in puppy on 9.4.05 at the GSPA working test.

Results of the HVC working test on 30.05.05 : Highest placed vizsla in puppy was Roz Dear and Dallandor Victualler, Highest placed vizsla in Open was Rosie. Eelyrags Poplar and Lee Loveridge were awarded 2nd in open with an entry of 25!

Hungarian Vizsla Club Working Test
Highest Placed Vizsla Pup... Dallandor Victualler
Highest Placed Vizsla in Open... Rosie

Coventry & District Gundog Society Working Test
4th in Novice.. Dallandor Gyorgy

Hungarian Vizsla Society Working Test
2nd in Puppy and highest placed vizsla... Dallandor Vermillion (Millie)
Highest Placed Vizsla in Open... Rosie

GSPA Working Test @ Burton Lazaars
1st in Puppy at his first test.. Jennifer Hurley's Dallandor Vanquish (Harry)

Laverstoke 18.09.05
4th in Puppy... Millie ( Dallandor Vermillion)
3rd in Novice... Vinnie (Dallandor Gyorgy)

Both Gary Lee and Lee Loveridge have had places in the first 4 in several Open WT so far this year with their GSP's.

Durley GSP Working Test
Russetmantle Idaho was 3rd in Puppy and Shirley Mattravers did well to finish 5th in her first Graduate.


Beta Weekend

At the Beta Weekend our own Vinnie and Nigel Dear's Jack ( Aldom Red Grouse ) were the only
Vizslas running, and we both had a good first day of hunting. Day 2 was not so good for Vinnie but
Nigel and Jack performed very well and got into the final run off and finished 7th overall! Well done
both. The winner was Lee Loveridge's GSP Eelyrags Poplar who is out of Dallandor Heaven Sent,
a huge well done to Lee who only dropped 11 points over the whole 2 days!


Swifthouse Fun Day
Puppy - Novapak Aydisha and Jim Novis awarded 4th
Novice - Lutra Easy Dollar awarded 5th, 1st in Novice was Vinnie


GSPC SW Group Working Test
Puppy - 1st awarded to Gunfield Foxy (S. Scott);
             3rd awarded to Russetmantle Idaho of Arunszvar. (T. White).
Graduate - 3rd awarded to Castlefield Blue Wing (K. Dimon).


Hampshire Gundog Society Working Test
Puppy - 1st awarded to Gunfield Foxy (S. Scott)
              4th awarded to Russetmantle Idaho of Arunszvar (T. White)
Novice - 2nd awarded to Cragiebyre Monique (A. Ruggles)
Open - 2nd awarded to Aldom Red Grouse. (N. Dear)


Hungarian Vizsla Club Working Test
Spec.Beg - 3rd awarded to Alfizbet Rosie of the River (N. Birks)
Puppy - 1st awarded to Russetmantle Idaho of Arunszvar (T. White)
Yearling - 1st awarded to Swifthouse Crusader (GSP) (Jen Hurley)
               2nd awarded to Swifthouse Cranberry (GSP) (R. Dear)
                3rd awarded to D.Vanquish (Harry) (Jen Hurley)
               4th awarded to Gunfield Evita (R. Irvine)
Novice - 4th awarded to Cragiebyre Monique (A. Ruggles)
Grad. - 4th awarded to Szatmari Dale (E. Benbow)
Open - 1st Eelyrag Poplar (GSP) (Lee Loveridge)
            Highest Placed Viz -.Aldom Red Grouse (N. Dear)

Highest Placed overall was Russetmantle Idaho of Arunszvar (T. White) pictured below.

Well Done to all the placed Vizsla and all our friends whatever the breed !


Worcester Gundog Working Test
Vinnie was 4th in Novice and Lee Loveridge and Eelyrags Poplar were 1st in Open again


Italian Spinone Club Working Test

Puppy - 1st awarded to Gunfield Foxy (S.Scot),
              2nd awarded to Russetmantle Idaho at Arunszvar (T.White)
Novice - 1st awarded to Gunfield Foxy (S.Scot)
Open - 4th awarded to Aldom Red Grouse (Nigel Dear)
Well done all.


Large Munsterlander Club Working Test - Hall Barn, Beaconsfield - 1.7.06.
There were 22 puppies and Trevor Whiter's Russetmantle Idaho was on equal points
as the 4th placed dog but lost out as he had a lesser hunting score, Novice was won by
our boy Vinnie, Dallandor Gyorgy, who only dropped 5.5 points out of 100. He
actually achieved 40 out of 40 for his hunting! Following on from his Res.C.C. last
week we thought we couldnt be more thrilled, but then Jennifer Hurley and Harry,
Dallandor Vanquish were awarded 2nd in Novice only 1 point behind.

To complete a super day Nigel Dear and Jack, Aldom Red Grouse won Open. There
were 36 entries in Novice and 26 in Open. What a day for the Vizslas! I would like to
mention Simon Scot and his 16 month bitch Gunfield Foxy, who ran in Open as she
recently won Novice, although not placed she did a lovely test for one so young and is
a credit to her handler, watch this space!


Hungarian Vizsla Society Working Test - Shelswell
Highest placed Vizsla in Puppy was Martyn Elliot's Hookside Duna who was 5th,
highest placed Vizsla in Novice was Sue Novis and Sophie (Lutra Easy Dollar) who
won!! Elizabeth Upton's Temeraire Topflight was 3rd, Highest placed Vizsla in Open
was Vinnie who came 3rd in his first Open.


Coventry & District Working Test
Vinnie was 2nd in Open and Richard won Novice with Diva at only their 2nd test
together. Jen Hurley and Dallandor Vanquish, Harry, were 2nd in Novice, and Larry
Wilks and Mordax Medoc by Arany were 4th in Puppy. Open was won by Lee
Loveridge and Eelyrags Poplar.


BWWGS Working Test
Hookside Duna (K. Barker) was 1st in Puppy, Russetmantle Idaho at Arunzsvar (T. White) was 4th.
Indie was on the same points as 4th but lost out on lesser hunting marks. 4th in Open was Jack (Aldom Red Grouse)
and Nigel Dear.

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