How to live with a Hungarian Vizsla

The Vizsla is a bit of an enigma, as they can be extremely sensitive but equally stubborn, and for this reason they are not suited to everyone as they do not suit a typically loud or hard handler with little patience. A soft and patient approach is needed to get the best out of your Vizsla, but once you have that rapport it is a thing of beauty. They can get bored very quickly and once they have grasped a lesson in training it is best to move on to something more complex or they may just stop doing whatever has been taught. A Vizsla is very affectionate and demonstrative, they love people and like to show it, they do not do well in a full time kennel environment. They are highly intelligent and can be trained in many disciplines from agility and working tests to field trials and obedience. Of all the HPR’s they probably have the best nose .

They are social animals and if introduced carefully will live happily with cats, small pets, horses etc. They are a good family dog but as an active boisterous breed they need to be taught restraint around small children. They need plenty of free running exercise, not just a walk round the block on a lead!