How to live with a G.S.P.

The GSP is a very active breed, slow to mature, mentally at least. They benefit from a firm but consistent approach in their training, but can range emotionally from the most hard-headed to the sensitive wimp - so you need to be able to read which type yours is! They are a good family dog but care needs to be taken with small children as they are a large boisterous, playful breed.

They are happiest when part of the family, and will become destructive if left alone for long periods or kenneled full-time. If introduced carefully they will live alongside most other pets and livestock e.g. I know of a GSP who lives with a house rabbit running loose. They need mental stimulation and will benefit from some form of activity such as agility or obedience, but best of all some kind of working discipline i.e. working tests, rough shooting, or field trials; after all that is what they were bred for. Free-running exercise is a must for a gsp, you will not satisfy them with solely lead exercise.