Definitely not an H.P.R! - living with a cocker

The working cocker looks nothing like its show version. It is smaller, less coated and comes in many more colour variations. The cocker is a clown first and foremost, it’s aim in life, other than finding game, is to make it’s owner smile, and it does so on a daily basis !! Of all the spaniels it is probably the most useful game finder, due to it’s size it can search cover that a springer could not, it is also very discerning; whereas a springer will enter cover because it is told to, a cocker will use it’s nose first and if there is nothing in there it will move on! A cocker makes a wonderful family dog and is very good with children and other pets if introduced properly. Although bred to work they take to family life well and will be happy with a scoot round the park, but would of course benefit from more free-running play-time if possible. They like to be part of the family at all times and can be noisy and destructive if left alone too long unless they are acclimatised properly when pups.