Korthals Griffon


Diva von der Hoyen Ley at Sanjons

D.O.B. 14.07.02.
She was imported into this country by Jon Roberts 3 years ago and due to other
commitments Jon has let us have her to work. She has bonded very well with
Richard as their early win in Novice goes to show.

Diva has now settled well into the household and has been picking up with Richard
a couple of times. She has had a few problems in that she gets a bit “hot” if there are
too many birds and we have a steadiness issue, she is responding well to Richard's
additional training. We are currently looking at foreign stud dogs with a view to
mating her in late 2007 or early '08. We also hope to show her on the import reg if
the KC ever pass the interim standard.