Viszla Showing

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all the family crufts 04 bpib nat gundog jim and sophie keith showing owen at lka merlin, millie and harry at hvc open show
all the family crufts 04.jpg bpib nat gundog.jpg jim and sophie.jpg keith showing owen at lka.jpg merlin, millie and harry at hvc open show.jpg
millie show practice owen nattie and vinnie at ringcraft rachel and vinnie getting bored! rachel showing winnie for lucy rbpis rosie
millie show practice.jpg owen nattie and vinnie at ringcraft.jpg rachel and vinnie getting bored!.jpg rachel showing winnie for lucy.jpg rbpis rosie.jpg
rosie and rich show practice rosie crufts 04 vinnie and rachel showing vinnie crufts 04 vinnie's class crufts 04
rosie and rich show practice.jpg rosie crufts 04.jpg vinnie and rachel showing.jpg vinnie crufts 04.jpg vinnie's class crufts 04.jpg