Dee….Dairycottage Hazel. Click link for pedigree.

Dee was our first Cocker and was bought primarily for beating on our local shoot. We soon realised that training a cocker is soooo different than a HPR and we decided to send her to an expert; off she went to Carl Colclough and many months later came back ready to rock and roll! She is a pleasure to live with, fun to work with and the guns and keeper love her! Even if she does sometimes go and pick up when she’s not supposed to!

Dee is picking up on two shoots now with Richard, and there is no hedge or undergrowth too thick! Now with Woody on the team they are quite formidable.

Woody…Dallandor Fennel. Click link for pedigree.


At only 7 months Woody was still in training but is showed great promise once we began to get over the Cocker trait of going off and hiding his retrieves! As with all Cockers he has a real personality and we always end up smiling at least once a session at his antics, but on a serious note he is proving that Cockers are the dog of choice for anyone who really wants a good honest shooting companion.

Woody proved to be a real talent as early as 12 months old. He displayed a superb nose and was a very keen retriever, having finally given up burying the retrieve as often as he liked! His steadiness left a bit to be desired but with the help of the "bolting rabbit" we got there slowly.

Now two years old, Woody goes from strength to strength. Picking up with his mum and Richard he is a star at finding long runners, his nose is even better than his mum's and not a lot gets by him, but he does still like to hide the odd retrieve if Richard isn’t paying attention though!



Myrtle is dees daughter and was born beginning of September 06. She is very outgoing and unflappable,
if she takes after her mum and brother we will be very pleased.